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 Kapka Naděje

The company’s arm began in late 2010 to work closely with the Foundation Drop of Hope.

I think this is the right step, which should give many of us. Entrepreneurship is not just about high earnings and hard elbows, it’s also about business culture and approach to the matter. Each of us sometimes lose their sense of their lives and for the chasing and he believed it vanishes like a thundercloud. It is important to find your destination and at the end of a great bustle able to see that the work is successful. Money is an important factor in today’s life, but it is not a thing that will keep us afloat in difficult life situations. No matter what, how and who will contribute. No matter what organization or group of individuals, but the important thing is to try to help others.

I am very glad that we helped with a drop of hope to find common ground and we can help them, at least as much as it will allow us our strength. Thank you to all staff who are involved in a project with me, and please, consider all of the meaning of life and what is really important to our future!

Patrik Zima, owner of